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Product Tips

How To Fill & Remove Spheres from the Chillz Classic Ice Ball Maker

The most common issue or frustration with customers and the Chillz Classic ice ball maker is how to properly use it. We're all busy people and taking time to read instructions or watch a how-to video isn't always what we want to do but is sometimes necessary if you want to use something correctly. This is one of those cases. For best results, fill the ENTIRE BOTTOM TRAY of the Chillz Classic 3/4 full then put on the lid. Water will come out of the top holes and spill over into the lid area. This weighs down the lid during...

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ChefStir Salt & Pepper Mills

ChefStir ChefStir Salt & Pepper Grinders Pepper Mill Grinder Set Pepper Mill Set Salt & Pepper Grinders Salt & Pepper Mills

The ChefStir salt & pepper grinder set isn't just for sea salt and peppercorns! You can put any large spices in them, like cardamom. You can also use cocoa beans (desserts or special beverages), coffee beans (desserts or special beverages), or even nuts (salads or desserts). To adjust the grind size, remove the lid, you’ll see on the base part the black grinder knob in the center. There are dots showing the size. Adjust that knob to the left to loosen the knob to make a large grind. Turn in to the right to tighten the knob for a finer grind....

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Chillz Wine Chiller Stick Tips

Aerator and Pourer Chillz Wine Chiller Wine Chiller Stick Wine Chiller Sticks Wine Chillers

After cleaning (hand-wash your Chillz Wine Chiller Stick ONLY), freeze the rod for at least 2 hours. After your wine has aerated for about 15 minutes, pour out some wine then insert the chiller stick into the bottle. For chilled wine at peak flavor it is suggested to use the chiller stick for 30 minutes in a bottle of wine.

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Removing Ice From Chillz Blox

Chillz Blox Chillz Ice Cube Tray Silicone Ice Trays Silicone Molds

Quick tip for removing Chillz Blox ice cubes: After you twist the tray, use your finger to push the ice cube out of the mold by pushing from the bottom of the tray. The cubes should pop out easily and they are a great presentation in any beverage!

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Hard Water Spots on Silicone

4 Piece Spatulas ChefStir Spatulas Chillz Blox Chillz Extreme Chillz Ice Cube Tray Nonstick Spatulas Orange Spatulas Purple Spatulas Silicone Ice Trays Silicone Molds Silicone Spatulas

If you suffer from hard-water, this can leave spots on your silicone products after dishwashing. We have this problem and have to hand-wash ours then immediately hand-dry them to remove any remaining water. If that didn't remove the spots, try soaking the item in a solution of half white vinegar and half hot water for about a half hour. Then hand wash and immediately hand dry. Hope this helps, if it applies to you.    

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