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Product Tips — Chillz Extreme

Hard Water Spots on Silicone

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If you suffer from hard-water, this can leave spots on your silicone products after dishwashing. We have this problem and have to hand-wash ours then immediately hand-dry them to remove any remaining water. If that didn't remove the spots, try soaking the item in a solution of half white vinegar and half hot water for about a half hour. Then hand wash and immediately hand dry. Hope this helps, if it applies to you.    

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Fruit Packed Ice Balls

Chillz Extreme Chillz Ice Cube Tray Product Tips

  For fruit packed ice balls, add 2 or more types of fruit (or just 1 type of fruit) cut into small pieces. Place them into the Chillz Extreme, put on the top lid. Pour your liquid into the top hole, then shake vigorously to combine the fruit in the ball. Freeze until ready to use.

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Use Filtered Water In Your Ice Ball Mold

Chillz Extreme Clear Ice Balls Perfect Ice Balls Product Tips

  We highly recommend using filtered water. Filtered water will minimize the cloudiness of ice but distilled water will work even better. (Filtered shown on the image above.)

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