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Product Tips — Salt & Pepper Grinders

ChefStir Salt & Pepper Mills

ChefStir ChefStir Salt & Pepper Grinders Pepper Mill Grinder Set Pepper Mill Set Salt & Pepper Grinders Salt & Pepper Mills

The ChefStir salt & pepper grinder set isn't just for sea salt and peppercorns! You can put any large spices in them, like cardamom. You can also use cocoa beans (desserts or special beverages), coffee beans (desserts or special beverages), or even nuts (salads or desserts). To adjust the grind size, remove the lid, you’ll see on the base part the black grinder knob in the center. There are dots showing the size. Adjust that knob to the left to loosen the knob to make a large grind. Turn in to the right to tighten the knob for a finer grind....

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