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Product Tips

ChefStir Silicone Spatulas: Different Jobs For Each Size

4 Piece Spatulas ChefStir Spatulas Nonstick Spatulas Orange Spatulas Silicone Spatulas

The ChefStir silicone spatulas come as a 4 piece set (2 large and 2 small). The larger ones are great for batters, stir-fry's, scrambled eggs or omelets, flipping waffles, and LOTS more. The smaller ones are FANTASTIC for getting condiments out of those small jars. The silicone scrapes everything right away from the sides of jars or batter bowls!

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Fruity Blox For Your Ice Cube Tray

2 2 Inch Ice Cubes Chillz Blox Chillz Ice Cube Tray Product Tips

  Want to freshen up your water or beverage? Add pieces of fresh fruit to your Chillz Blox tray before freezing. 

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Fruit Packed Ice Balls

Chillz Extreme Chillz Ice Cube Tray Product Tips

  For fruit packed ice balls, add 2 or more types of fruit (or just 1 type of fruit) cut into small pieces. Place them into the Chillz Extreme, put on the top lid. Pour your liquid into the top hole, then shake vigorously to combine the fruit in the ball. Freeze until ready to use.

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Use Filtered Water In Your Ice Ball Mold

Chillz Extreme Clear Ice Balls Perfect Ice Balls Product Tips

  We highly recommend using filtered water. Filtered water will minimize the cloudiness of ice but distilled water will work even better. (Filtered shown on the image above.)

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Freeze and Store!

  Freeze your favorite liquid of choice then pop them out into a freezer bag or storage container. Doing this often will give you plenty of ice balls to have on-hand!Image & tip courtesy of customer in AL.

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