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The Classic Kitchen Whipped Cream Dispenser - 500ml

$ 21.97
  • GREAT FOR AMATEURS AND PROFESSIONALS: This easy to use 500 ml whipped cream dispenser allows amateurs and professionals to whip up mouth watering delights. It allows you to make sweetened or unsweetened cream to top off coffee, milkshake, cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, or make delectable mousse with ease.
  • HIGH QUALITY: It features an insulated all aluminum body and heavy duty solid aluminum professional head with creamer nozzle pump. The set includes three decorative tips for creating different designs.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND USE: This easy to use cream whipper comes with easy to follow instructions and recipes. Its also easy to clean with just water and soap. The set comes with a brush to make cleaning tips easier.
  • WORKS WELL WITH N2O CARTRIDGE: The Classic Kitchen is compatible with all major brands of 8-gram N2O charger cartridges to dispense contents. However, CO2 cartridges are not compatible with the product. (N2O CARTRIDGE NOT INCLUDED)
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Not only will you get this high quality whipped cream dispenser at a very affordable price, you are also protected by a 30-day risk free guarantee. This also makes a great present for mom, dad, cooking enthusiasts and aspiring professional cooks.

Say goodbye to messy dessert toppings. Now you can make your desserts look as yummy as they taste with The Classic Kitchen whipped Cream Dispenser.

Its a handy kitchen tool that allows you to make cream for desserts or beverages. You can also use it to dispense butter, frostings, and more while minimizing hand fatigue. Yes, thats right! With its easy to use design, you can whip up creative toppings while minimizing stress on your hands and fingers. It comes with three decorating tips to help you create beautiful designs for your desserts easier and faster.

Made with aluminum, this canister is sturdy and is guaranteed to last for years to come. Its steel body is easy to clean, although its not recommended for dishwasher. Simply wash with mild soap and water to remove remaining cream. The set comes with a brush for cleaning the nozzle tips. Remember to not put the canister in the freezer or near heat.

This cream whipper is designed to create beautiful and delectable creams and mousses like a pro. It works well with N2O charger cartridge to dispense contents. However, its not advisable to use CO2 cartridges with this product.

Our high quality whipped Cream Dispenser also makes a lovely present for mom and dad, friends, aspiring chefs, and professionals. This item is backed by a 30-day risk free guarantee. What are you waiting for? Order the Classic Kitchen Whipped Cream Dispenser and start making great looking desserts at home.

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